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Phone number:
+1 301-948-3500

21525 Laytonsville Road, Gaithersburg, MD 20882
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  • Sarah MacDonald
    Dec, 02 2018
    ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
    After the recent passing of my grandfather I didn't know what to expect for his viewing and funeral being my first time doing so for any family members. My grandfather had visited this funeral home many times & thought it was nice....So we decided to go this one. Upon the first meeting the person we met with had no sympathy for the passing - yes I can imagine he's done tons of funerals- but compassion is still important. We went thru all the paper work and cost but he never asked us about a guest book or prayer cards, we had to ask. Then he didn't ask us other crucial questions. On the day of the viewing everything was ok a lady was very caring and compassionate asked my grandmother if she needed water or tissues and was very nice. However towards the end of the viewing the same man we had dealt with all along handed me my box I had brought in and said I could start collecting my photos. What a night and day difference. When I brought in the box full of photos the lady offered to help me carry it inside & put them all up for us. But at the end it felt like we were getting rushed and kicked out. I get they were getting paid $250 an hour, but care and compassion. If you loved one has passed I wouldn't consider this place for them.
  • Sherry Felice
    Jul, 19 2018
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    Barber's Funeral Home treated me with courtesy and kindness. I appreciated their giving me good advice for my family's situation. When a loved one passes away, suddenly you are in a position to make serious decisions. They guided me without up-selling me at a time when I was vulnerable. I contacted another funeral home where this occurred. Barber's treatment of me was polar opposite of the other funeral home. Thank you Barber family.
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